Technical Competence

  1. Assessments: Technical expertise available and types of assessments carried out or participated in Somalia context.
    • Assessment/Evaluation of Minimum condition and Maximum performance Project in 7 elected district for JPLG programs in Puntland Worked in collaboration with PIDAM and UNCDF in 2014
  • Participating Integrated community Development (PICD) assessment
  • MICS UNICEF Assessment
  • Rapid integrated drought Assessment in Sool and Cayn regions.

Project design/Implementation:  Technical expertise available and types of project implemented

SERDO has technical advisor, including Engineers and implement FFA projects

  • Road Rehabilitation
  • Water & Environmental conservation
  • Agricultural extension and irrigation services
  • Unconditional relief programs,
  • Livelihoods
  • Nutrition and TSFP

Monitoring / Evaluation

To ensure that activities planned for are carried out and to achieve the intended objectives, periodic monitoring and evaluation will be conducted by the community   committee, village authority, implementing partners (SERDO) and funding agency (WFP).

Evaluation of the project activities will be executed at three levels:

Baseline survey,  midterm evaluation and Final evaluation.

Financial: Funds management and accountability policy is explained in detail in the SERDO Financial Policies Manual.

Financial Reporting

SERDO submits a set of financial reports on periodical bases and instalment bases in case of projects, which provides the required financial information to the donor/funding agency periodically and other internal and external users.

These periodic reports are comprised of monthly reports, reports per project site prepared at the end of a project activity, reports at the end of the whole project when all funds have been used up to realize the project objectives (see audits) and project closeout procedures and explained in detail in the SERDO Financial Policies Manual.

Internal controls: Segregation of duty (procurement, payment authorization and cash management) is explained in detail in the SERDO Financial Policies manual.

Audits: The SERDO organization has an annual auditing exercise at the end of the year or project and finds solution for any findings and recommendation suggested by the independent auditors. 

Any Other:

The organization has in place a financial and accounting procedures manual that details institutional and implementation arrangements, accounting practices and policies, budgeting and budgetary controls, disbursement procedures and withdrawals, accounting records, authorization and approval limits, and procurement procedures, financial reporting, audit arrangements and internal control systems. The finance department is well staffed with a finance/admin manager, accountant, project accountant, petty cashiers and an internal auditor.

Other policies in place include Human Resource policy and Code of conduct & ethics policy.
Physical Infrastructure:

Vehicles: 1 Land cruiser, 1 Surf.

Offices: HQ office at Lascanod and 3 sub offices in Las-anod, Taleh Xudun and Buhoodle

Computers 7, Laptops 7, Printers 4, Photocopier 3, Camera 2, Desks 7, Chair, officers  5, Chairs 32, Plastic chairs 10, Drawers/Shelves 6


GSM (mobile)  3, GPS 2,  INTERNET, 5, 2 Radio HF/VHF.

Available warehouse is mostly hired in the field base in the project area.

Experience in warehouse management systems and commodity tracking system· Good working knowledge of Microsoft applications, particularly MS Office, MS Access & Excel· Extensive knowledge of spreadsheets and database management systems.·


The SERDO NGO has an updated Code of Conduct Manual that guides on staff and humanitarian relations.

SPHERE standards (The NGO Staff is trained for the Sphere Project)

Humanitarian Charter Minimum Standards in Humanitarian Response