SERDO is registered in Somaliland and has been operating in a wide geographical area of Sool, Sanaag and Togdheer provinces for thirteen years in the urban and rural pastoral areas.

SERDO focuses on working with communities that want to improve their livelihood and food security, as well as build their capacity to develop their own communities.

SERDO creates community assets, implements, and monitors community development projects in direct coordination with the communities it works with.

These projects are more about quality than quantity; more about the outcome than output. Using a participatory approach to development, SERDO is currently implementing the following projects: water catchments, road rehabilitations and check dams

SERDO is able to operate in all Somaliland districts, in 2016, we covered the districts of Taleex, Las-anod, and Buhodle districts  as we didn’t face any interruption and obstacles since we started our operation