Our Vision

To actively contribute to the socio-economic development of our target communities by strengthening their capacity, implementing humanitarian and social-economic safety interventions to alleviate poverty and ignorance; thereby creating a stable Somali population that is motivated by creativity and innovation as compared to conflicts for survival.

Our Mission

Alleviate suffering, poverty and oppression by helping people build secure, productive and just communities.

As stated: Working together for socio- economic development of the target societies through the strengthening their capacity and the implementation of the programs and humanitarian and protection interventions with participatory approach to all levels of community to defeat poverty, ignorance and reach prosperous with stability and protective environment and effectively utilize available resources.

Our Core Values

  • We believe in the intrinsic value and dignity of human life.
  • We are awed by human resilience, and believe in the ability of all people to thrive, not just exist.
  • We believe that all people have the right to live in peaceful communities and participate fully in the decisions that affect their lives.
  • We value stewardship of the earth’s health, pledging to accountably and efficiently preserve and manage its resources.
  • We believe that it is our duty to be effective stewards of the financial resources entrusted to us.

Organizational Objectives

Overall objective: To be competent in delivering multi-services for humanitarian relief & development sectors to marginalized women and vulnerable groups and rights advocacy to needy society groups under satisfactory and optimum transparency and accountability participated by all stakeholders.

Specific objectives:

  • To provide support services to all the key actors in a sustained human development process in all of  their ramifications;
  • To provide timely development information, education, communication;
  • To empower local communities to participate in social and development activities;
  • To provide consultancy to all the stakeholders in the development process/ continuum;
  • To improve living conditions of poor communities, especially rural, pastoral, urban poor and IDPs. By helping them through income generation and diversification activities;
  • To base on Somali culture and traditional art institute (Recourse Centre) which is a focal point for the community initiatives in the fields of peace promotion and integration of community development projects;
  • To promote income generating activities and create vocational skills for the youngsters, women, and IDPs to become self sufficient and reduce the level of poverty living;
  • To promote Understanding better relationships among the communities and attitude change for working together for peace and development in the society and creating a good atmosphere of stability in whole the state including environmental protection and wildlife;
  • To assist the international ground of operation in the Puntland state by providing them their data and information necessary, and by facilitating their logistic requirements in the area.