The Board of Directors (the highest structure of the organization) is comprised of nine (9) persons, of whom three are female. The board nominates an Executive management team consisting of the Executive Director, Deputy Director, Program Coordinator and heads of departments (sections including health, food security, WaSH etc).

SERDO has access for all skilled and experienced professionals who have the capacity and competence to involve all the desired activities that promotes the Goal and Objectives of the Institution. These includes engagement of technical consultants of Research, Programme management, Engineering, Designing, and Planning etc

This organizational structure is governed by various policies and Standard operating procedures (SOPs) which include: Financial Policies and Procedures; Human resource (HR) policy; Programme Management policy; Logistics management policy and Procurement policy.

The staffing structure is as tabulated below:

Contract Type No. Title Area of Expertise Duty Station
International 3 Managers, Engineers, program managers, admin officers, Program Management, Kenya, HQ and Regional Offices
National 8 Managers, Engineers, program managers, admin officers, Management, environmental engineering Head and Regional Offices
Fixed-term 17 Storekeepers, guards, monitors, field officers Project oriented Field officers Field Offices
Casuals 16 Food distribution casuals Project oriented Field Offices
Daily Laborers 48 Scoopers, cleaners, porters, Project oriented Field Offices
Volunteers 20 Experts Agronomist Nurses, photo takers Head and Regional Offices
Others 3 Adviser, Auditor, community mobilizer Audit, Management, Support, Head and Regional Offices